Ship Supply

In 1987, AVNOV Tuzla Tech has been founded in Istanbul.

AVNOV offer ship-owners, managers, operators, agents and ship management companies with a full range of technical supply items. All products are delivered prompt, smoothly and within high quality standards.

Our products are known for long lasting, low cost, accuracy and durability.

We supply technical spare parts in Turkey all ports and able supply your urgent needs to  all European ports, Asian and African ports.

Our team of maritime professionals covers all areas around the world with the use of Istanbul being as a connection hub.

Most of our key suppliers has a very short notice time making it possible for us to deliver your vessel prompt.

Our main advantage is a well-developed database with technical suppliers, manufacturers and stakeholders worldwide which makes it easy through algorithms for us to source and standardize any item and procurement need from your side.

We usually supply the following technical items:

  • Marine lubricants for engine, compressor, hydraulic, cylinder and different greases (major brands as Total, Mobil, Castrol, Shell and equivalents).
  • Marine Chemicals and additives.
  • Marine Paints.
  • Engine Stores, Electrical Stores, Cabin Stores, Medical Stores, Deck Stores, Safety Stores.
  • Safety/Rescue (liferafts, life jackets, buoys, suits, protective equipment ).
  • Wire and mooring ropes.
  • Control systems (temperature switch/sensor, transducers, pressure switch).
  • Valves (butterfly, globe, gate, ball, safety, self-closing, reducing, non-return, fire, marine strainers).
  • Pumps (centrifugal, fresh water, fire, sanitary water, vertical, screw, vacuum, self-priming, diesel and electrical pumps).
  • Hoses (hydraulic, industrial, suction, chemicals, bunkers, oil, water, fire).
  • Filters (air, oil, fuel, candles, duplex, bag, cartridges, hydraulic).
  • Charts and publications.

Quality Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Minute Detail Is Looked Into While Manufacturing Even The Smallest Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction.

AVNOV usually works with IMPA, ISS catalogues. However, our maritime professionals are also ready to tailor a solution directly to your company, outside these specifications.

AVNOV is member of the leading association for marine purchasing and supply professionals, IMPA.

Innovative Solutions

Quality Unsurpassed

AVNOV is a dynamic company of maritime professionals operating from  Tuzla, Istanbul.

Our clients range from fishing boats, general cargo, container, bulk, offshore and research/seismic vessels. Our customers satisfaction is our priority and we tailor solutions needed for each of them.

We work through our own built database, which gives us an advantage, to source some of the rarest technical spare parts and provision supplies in the world. This under competitive conditions.

We strive to deliver ship supply to excellence, without problems even if it can be under the most challenging conditions.

AVNOV offer a full line of marine stores for various maintenance purposes. Our team is supplying the marine storesv worldwide and we can supply from major producers as well as equivalent products. We are experienced in providing technical services in nearly any port needed. We emphasis a professional solution to all of our customers and with a carefully coordinated operation to avoid any delays for your next voyage.

Our team is ready on the phone 24/7 and 365 days a year! Our vision is to deliver all ship supplies to excellence within the ports and regions we work.

Need Assistance for a Technical Urgency? We Are Experts!