Our products meet the highest requirements and making customer’s business our concern.

AVNOV has a reputable name in the Maritime Business. Our products are known for long lasting, low cost, accuracy and durability.

There is a great demand for these products across Power Generation Plants, especially facilities use Landfill Gas and Bio Gas to fuel engines.

We use the best trusted vendors to maintain the high quality with added value to companies’ savings which customers expect.

AVNOV is an eager and dependable manufacturer of specially designed custom requirements.

Those needs might include an extended design life, special dimensions or accessories, unusual materials or coatings, quiet operation, super precision balancing, special measures or all of the above.

We are a flexible company that is not limited to existing designs or existing standards. We will work with you to best meet your needs rather than merely offering something close.

Each design is a special combination of mechanical and metallurgical considerations with a watchful eye on budget and schedule.