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About Us

In 1987, AVNOV has been founded in Istanbul.

We known for the responsive services and supplies for all inquiries of Maritime Business. In the past 10 years doubled market volume and expanding its capacities with international markets.

We have a reputable name in the manufactoring any kind parts for vessels. Since 1995 has been one of a leading supplier of Vessels and production of high quality parts for the variety of industries.
Our Services

Our products are known for long lasting, low cost, accuracy and durability.


Our team will serve your officers and crew with careful attention to every and each detail of your valued technical order. We use our database to be sure that all parties will meet their expectations using our service applying the highest standards.


We are committed to supply only the finest provision supplies to its client’s vessels and within the minimum margin that comes together with “always fresh and rich on energy” provisions/food. Our provisional supplies will be delivered to your ship promptly without long transport time.


We offer a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and to the highest standards demanded by industries. We are a flexible company that is not limited to existing designs or existing standards. We will work with you to best meet your needs rather than merely offering something close.

AVNOV is providing ship supplies to ship owners, operators, agents and ship management companies any-place in the world. We have comprehensive supplier network including some of the most challenging places. We enjoy helping our customers no matter the size of the project or task.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!


We broadly work for Marine Industry. We understand our customers, meeting their requirements. We serve for any kind of technical inquiries.


We are a manufacturing specialist. We serve the whole marine purposes clients All inquiries are individually handled by experienced personnel.

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We regularly work with clients from marine sectors however we also provide technical services to solutions whereever needed.

Need Assistance for a Technical Urgency? We Are Experts!